Essential Fishing Boat Accessories

Fishing Boat Essentials

Now If you have just bought your very own fishing boat, you might want to take some time to figure out what accessories is essential to your boat right before the season starts. I will discuss your essential fishing boat accessories and by the end of this article, you will be equipped with the knowledge of what you really need for your boat.

  1. Rod Gloves – have you ever wasted a lot of time untangling your rods from each other? Well say no more, rod gloves are like socks for your fishing rods. Slip-on rod gloves on your rods before you store them and you will never have tangled rods again.
Essential Fishing Boat Accessories
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  1. Marker buoys set – Find the spot where the fish are nibbling and cast one of these markers to that spot. So you can stay on top of those fish. 
Essential Fishing Boat Accessories
Lindy Tournament Marker Buoy Rack – Buoy Rack with 3 Tournament Marker
  1. Fillet gloves – these gloves provide protection from when you’re filleting fish and also from those sharp gills and spines of the fish. Not only that, with these on you can have a pretty good grip on the slimiest fish. You just can’t navigate around the boat without these on. 
Essential Fishing Boat Accessories
Rapala Fillet Glove
  1. Hot Foot – The Hot Foot is essential for any fishing boat that has a steering console and a 60HP and above engine. It is universal-fit device that is bolt on the floor and provides control of the throttle. Just like a car, so you can keep your hands on the steering wheel. 
Essential Fishing Boat Accessories
T-H Marine HF-1-DP Hot Foot Original Foot Throttle
  1. Anchormate – Retrieving the anchor can take a toll on your back and fingers. The Anchormate helps you retrieve the anchor. Deploying and retrieving the anchor never looked so easy with the Anchormate. It is also easy to install on the bow or the transom of your boat. 
AMRW-27536 * Worth AnchorMate II Set Anchor Control System
  1. Drift Sock – There are times you want to drift away with the wind, but the wind is blowing harder than expected. Making you drift too fast and further away from the fish. What do you do now? You deploy a drift sock. It acts like a parachute underwater and slows down your movement and gives you better control of the situation.
Minn Kota MinnKota Drift Sock
  1. Dry bags/containers – Now this is important because the weather out on the sea is very unpredictable. One moment you have sunny weather calms seas, next thing you know there’s a storm in front of you and along with 5ft swells. It can vary from a basic Ziploc bag to a waterproof plastic container. Any of those will do as long as it keeps your gadgets/clothes/etc. dry. 
Frabill Plano Deep Waterproof Stowaway Utility Box
  1. First-Aid Kit – Last but not least of course is a first-aid kit. You can never tell what will happen when you’re boat fishing. Boat fishing is never safe, but in the event of someone getting hurt, you can treat it right away. Just be aware of the expiration dates and replenish them upon expiration. 
Marine Emergency First Aid Kit In Waterproof Case

Now that you’re equipped with the essential fishing boat accessories, you are ready to set sail. Bon Voyage!

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